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Kibum was walking along the shoreline. Lost in his own thoughts, he kicked his feet through the warm, soft sand as he took in a deep breath of the fresh ocean air. It was night, the stars were out, and it was beautiful. It was so peaceful, and he was finally able to get away from the loudness of the town and people. Hearing a bird calling, he suddenly snapped out of his deep thoughts and glanced toward the ocean waves, frowning to himself. It was beautiful no doubt, but it was lonely. 
As he continued to kick his feet through the sand, he looked up and saw someone laying on the beach. He froze in his tracks, not sure if they were hurt, or just resting. Although he was shy, he chewed on his lip and began to walk over just to be sure. Kneeling beside the other, he lifted his hand and shook the man gently. Frowning, he spoke softly. “..E-excuse me.. Are you alright?" He tried to talk loudly enough, but being as shy as he was it was hard for him to judge if he was speaking loud enough. "..Excuse me?" He tried to shake him a bit harder, hoping he’d wake up.

           ”Ah!” Donghae suddenly jumps up, eyes wide as he realizes there’s a man standing before him right now. How could… ? Donghae was always alone at this time. He didn’t expect anyone to be coming by the shore this late. Luckily, his fins were buried underneath the sand and were hidden away by the tide that pulled up and down. With a timid look at the human, he gulps. “U-um. Yes! I am fine. I was just uhhhh, napping at the shore. I like doing that. It’s normal for me. It’s a normal habit.” He points frantically at his clothes that were neatly folded up higher where the sea water could not reach it. “See? I have clothing there. I just… Like to swim at night. Yeah.” Yep. He totally wasn’t a merman. No way he was a merman. This human would be moving on and leave him alone right? Please, please say right.

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       Donghae was never your ordinary merman. Of course he had curiosities, and those curiosities usually led him into a bad place. His father always told him never to stray away from the kingdom and never to trust humans. But the moment a storm came rolling by and a fishing ship had crashed near an island nearby, he couldn’t resist checking the area out. All 7 men were stranded with no help it seemed.

          It started off with him throwing the survivors fish from the water. Those random giant trouts being catapulted from the sea was probably scarring to those men, but they paid no mind to it if the gods were to offer them food in any way possible. However, Donghae got the chance to see what they were really like. And they weren’t all too bad. So here he is now, rising from the waters without his father’s knowing, and checking out the world for himself. Didn’t seem too bad.

He thinks.

Age: Allegedly 26 ( 234 )
Sexuality: Confused at human genitalia mostly
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